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Diane Jarvi Kantele I am working on a new recording and you can help make it happen!

Current Amount received from Artvestors: $3775.00! Kiitos!

This is exciting because I’m including the kantele on many of the tracks. What is a kantele? Well, it is a traditional folk harp from Finland. It commonly ranges in size from 5 -36 strings.

You see, when I pick up a kantele and play, I’m also picking up a set of musical traditions, a history, a mythology, and an art form. That’s one of the greatest rewards of being a musician. And I can play music that speaks to the shy girl inside me. Kanteles are some of the world’s softest sounding instruments. In the bird world, kanteles would be those birds you hear, but never see. They have a mesmerizing sound that can be haunting, sparkling, raw and moody.

For more than thirty years I have followed various musical paths, beginning with American folk roots, stopping at jazz, hopping the world music train, and engaging in my own songwriting. Twenty of those years I have been compelled to pick up and play the kantele. Why? It’s a bit of sun that lights in the hand.back-this

So I am going back to my roots to record songs from Finland and Finnish-America.

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New CD in the works

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*If you would prefer to send a check, you can make it out to: New Bohemian Arts Cooperative. And mail it to Lupine Records P.O. Box 19274, Minneapolis, MN 55419


Artvesting Levels

  • $1.-$20. My sincere gratitude for helping me complete this project.
  • $25.  You will get a copy of the new CD in your mailbox in advance of public release.
  • $50.  You will get a signed copy of the new CD with your name on the credits and a reserved ticket to CD release concert.
  • $100. All of the above and signed copy of my most recent poetry book, The Tender Wild Things or signed copy of my last CD, Wild Gardens.
  • $200. You will get signed CD, CD credit, 2 tickets, and I will give you a kantele lesson on a 5, 10 or 36-string kantele. If you don’t have your own instrument, you can borrow one of mine.
  • $500. Signed CD, CD credit, 2 tickets to concert and a kantele song written just for you which you will receive as an MP3.
  • $1000. Signed CD, CD credit, 2 tickets to concert, 5-string kantele made by Gerry Henkel of the Kantele Shop. One instrument available– goes to first supporter.
  • $1500. Signed CD, CD credit, 2 tickets to CD release concert and I will perform: an exclusive house concert for you. Concert to be held within 75 miles of Twin Cities area.

Singing On My Joy Stone

Kanteles are coolIn 2010 I had the great joy and wonder of teaching the 5-string kantele to thirty students that ranged in age from 5 years old to 81 in the town of Cokato, Minnesota. I came to them as a recipient of a grant written together with the New Bohemian Arts Cooperative and funded by the Minnesota State Arts Board from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. As a performer of ethnic music for many years I have had numerous opportunities to share the music of Finland and to teach the kantele, but never for an extended period of time. It had always been a dream of mine to find a teaching experience where I could join a Finnish-American community for more than a weekend and make some music together. [Read more...]

Some We Kept; Some We Threw Back

Diane Jarvenpa Narrates new Finnish film on immigration

Some we kept, some we threw back by Rainio & Roberts

Some We Kept; Some We Threw Back (2010), by Minna Rainio and Mark Roberts, depicts a man in contemporary times, making preparations for a sauna in the north woods of Minnesota.

As he chops wood, pumps water and lights the sauna fire – a woman narrates a series of experiences from her childhood when she and her parents left Finland for America.

Some We Kept; Some We Threw Back creates powerful parallels with the refugee’s stories of Angles of Incidence – the female voice describes the reasons her family left her home country: famine, unemployment, political persecution, and reveals the negative receptions they received as part of a new immigrant community.