Writing by Diane Jarvenpa

In addition to writing her own song lyrics, Diane has published her poetry in numerous journals and has been a New Rivers Press winner of the Minnesota Voices Project for---Divining The Landscape and the Many Voices Project winner for---The Tender Wild Things. Her poem sequence Ancient Wonders, the Modern World was published by Red Dragonfly Press. She has received a writing fellowship and an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board.

The Tender, Wild Things

The Tender, Wild Things by Diane Jarviby Diane Jarvenpa

“An uncanny northern magic flows from the pages of The Tender Wild Things, at once earthy, celestial, and deeply mythic. Diane Jarvenpa’s book is, to quote one of her poems, “a giant humidor of words and images.” Ah, but what words, what images! These wonderful poems, musical to their core, drive unerringly toward the higher intensities of incantation and spell.” -Thomas R. Smith, author of Waking Before Dawn [Read more...]

Ancient Wonders: The Modern World

Ancient Wonders - The Modern World by Diane JarvenpaOrigins of Writing

Fingers black and sticky,
I sit in this solitary narrow chair
spilling the salt and flowers
of ink figures onto paper.
You read these,
you keep them.
They are not the clay tablets of Elba,
they are not the gold votive tablets of Pyrgi,
they are not Chinese oracle bones.
They are signal, listing, record, symbol,
picture, keyhole, journey, shadow,
mistake, gaze, honks, spinnings,
pylon, chalk-lines, thicket, bubblings,
murmur, salvo, longing, promise.

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Divining the Landscape

Divining the Landscape by Diane JarviAfter the Concert

“Real singing is a different movement of air. Air moving around nothing. A breathing in a god. A wind.” -Rilke

You become more careful
walking through a room
where music is playing.
Don’t make the record skip,
the earth is tipping already.
Step slowly,
like wading through an island
of white campion,
the sky misted with a low wind
and sea birds.
The world is now understood.
Beyond the sound that opens
the body into weightlessness-
a shadow lingers
in the region of the heart
that can’t retreat-
a burning reflection of a storm
leaving behind silent flowers
heavy with hunger.

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ISBN: 089823168x Price: 11.95 Trim Size: 6×9
Pages: 60 Published: 1996

Celebrating Urban Birds

Two Poems by Diane Jarvi, published at Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology.

For me birds are symbols of how to cheat gravity and ride with angels. They are symbols of our simplest desires to be giddy and find love, to possess power, but also symbols of adaptability, delicacy and rebirth. In life and in death, these two birds showed me just that. [Read more...]