Diane Jarvi Kantele I have a new recording and artvestors helped make it happen!

Current Amount received from Artvestors: $5550.00! Kiitos!

You’ve probably heard of musicians raising money from individuals to finance their projects—through websites such as Kickstarter. I am a founding member of an artist cooperative (New Bohemian Arts Cooperative) that has created its own collaborative financing model called Artvesting. We offer a personal, local alternative to the other large-scale crowd sourcing models and my new recording is our first Artvesting project.

The Cooperative dedicated 100% of artvesting support to help me realize the project.

I am so very grateful to all those who helped make this recording possible. Thank you!

If you would still like to support this project, you can do so right here on my website. There are always post-production costs that include CD release concerts, promotion, mailings…

*If you would prefer to send a check, you can make it out to: New Bohemian Arts Cooperative. And mail it to Lupine Records P.O. Box 19274, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Or if you want to order bittersweet you can always send your orders to Lupine Records or visit cdbaby. Kiitos!



Check out the Sample tracks:

[wpaudio url=”https://dianejarvi.com/wp-content/uploads/I-Remember.mp3″ text=”I Never” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=”https://dianejarvi.com/wp-content/uploads/Matti.mp3″ text=”Matti” dl=”o”]
  • Release date—Summer 2014

I will have a CD release party with guest musicians who appear on the new CD, some Finnish treats, a silent auction to win a 5-string kantele made by Gerry Henkel and maybe some post-show tango dancing.

Artvesting Levels

  • $1.-$20. My sincere gratitude for helping me complete this project.
  • $25.  You will get a copy of the new CD in your mailbox in advance of public release.
  • $50.  You will get a signed copy of the new CD with your name on the credits and a reserved ticket to CD release concert.
  • $100. All of the above and signed copy of my most recent poetry book, The Tender Wild Things or signed copy of my last CD, Wild Gardens.
  • $200. You will get signed CD, CD credit, 2 tickets, and I will give you a kantele lesson on a 5, 10 or 36-string kantele. If you don’t have your own instrument, you can borrow one of mine.
  • $500. Signed CD, CD credit, 2 tickets to concert and a kantele song written just for you which you will receive as an MP3.
  • $1000. Signed CD, CD credit, 2 tickets to concert, 5-string kantele made by Gerry Henkel of the Kantele Shop. One instrument available– goes to first supporter.
  • $1500. Signed CD, CD credit, 2 tickets to CD release concert and I will perform: an exclusive house concert for you. Concert to be held within 100 miles of the Twin Cities.

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