Dancing on the Moon

Dan Newton’s Cafe Accordion Orchestra

Dancing on the Moon features vocals by Diane Jarvi. The music combines Latin, French and Gypsy musical traditions with American Swing.

If you recognize the title of the historic Max Fleischer cartoon from which this album’s title was taken, you’ll understand the charm and joy of Cafe Accordion Orchestra – an “old-school” combo that plays from the heart.

“With a somewhat unconventional approach to the craft, and the honest talent to make it all work, CAO proves that bringing back the past doesn’t have to be done in an over-exposed, commercial way. Forget all those hip new swing bands with their zoot suits and martinis; CAO is the real deal.” –The Minnesota Daily


  • Diane Jarvi – Vocals
  • Dan Newton – Accordion, vocal, glockenspeil
  • Brian Barnes – Guitars
  • Joe Steiger – Percussion and drums
  • Eric Mohring – Fiddle, vocal
  • Gordy Abel – Bass
Cafe Accordion Orchestra: Dancing on the Moon

©1996 Cafe Accordion Orchestra

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  1. La Vraie Valse Musette
  2. Accordion Joe
  3. A Matelo
  4. La Valse des Niglos
  5. Fandango do Ribatejo
  6. Surullinen Tango
  7. Samba Oleek
  8. Amor del Bajo Corrales
  9. Cossac
  10. Let’s Cumbia
  11. Uralin Pihlaja
  12. Au Sommet du Cervin
  13. Lucien Tango
  14. Bohemienne
  15. L’Accordeoniste
  16. Ca Gaze
  17. Dancing on the Moon
Recordings by Diane Jarvi
Diane Jarvi with Café Accordion Orchestra