Revontuli (cassette)

Revontuli by Diane Jarvi CD cover

Revontuli or “Northern Lights” covers a variety of music from Finland as well as original compositions and instrumental pieces written for the kantele.

Tangos, waltzes, gypsy music blend together with traditional songs from Karelia and Ostra Bothnia, along with tunes for the 5, 10 and 36 string kantele.

“There is something distinct about Finnish music. It is the music of my ancestors. It can be both exotic and pure, electrifying and mesmerizing. It stands in my life as both sunlight and moonlight, and like the kokko, the bonfire, always burning.” -Diane Jarvi

“A singular vocalist (whose) recording of Finnish folk songs, Revontuli, is one of this year’s most superb local recordings.” -Jim Meyer – Minneapolis Star Tribune

“I think that Diane Jarvi is making a place for herself as an interpreter of songs that range so widely that a category –if one is necessary–does not currently exist…I can only say that at this point in her career, I am glad that she puts her beautiful powers at the service of Finnish music.” -Oren Tikkanen, Finnish American Reporter


  • Diane Jarvi, vocals, guitar, kantele
  • Seppo “Paroni” Paakkunainen, Finland’s great jazz artist,
    on tuohihuilu (birch bark flute) and saxophones
  • Dan Newton, accordion
  • Jim Price, violin and mandolin
  • Marc Anderson, percussion
  • Gordy Johnson, bass
  • Dean Magraw, guitar
  • Brian Barnes, guitar
  • Arto Järvelä, violin (from Finnish folk duo Pinnin Poijat & fiddle group JPP)
  • Kimmo Pohjonen, accordion, (from Pinnin Poijat)
Revontuli by Diane Jarvi CD cover


Cassette Tape Only

©1996 Lupine Records, Lakehead Music/ASCAP
  1. Her Laulu
  2. Palava Sydän (Burning Heart)
  3. Kazvatti Minuo Muamoin (My Mother Raised Me)
  4. Kun Poijat Ne Menöö Ameriikkahan (When the Boys Went to America)
  5. Pieni Sydän (The Little Heart)
  6. Matkustaa (Journey)
  7. Meillä Ei Kotia Täällä (We Have No Home Here)
  8. Tsîganaizet (Gypsies)
  9. Toivo Dreams of Tortola
  10. Siks’ Oon Mä Suruinen (And So I’m Sad)
  11. Revontulten Leikki (Northern Lights at Play)
  12. Nightbirds
  13. Nuoruusmuistoja (Memories of Youth)
  14. Minä Kuulin Naisten Laulavan (I Heard Women Singing)
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