Reviews and Quotes


"Diane Jarvi does wonderful deeply visionary and poetic songs often from a women's perspective."-James Leary, author of Folk Songs From Another America.

"Like a shaman drummer from Lapland she is a mixture of the familiar and the unknown; somehow exotic and yet at the same time springing from the common roots deep within us." –Ilta Sanomat, Helsinki

"A singular vocalist [whose] recording of Finnish folk songs, Revontuli, is one of this year's most superb local recordings." –Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Beyond being adept in both guitar and kantele (a Finnish folk harp); a collector of songs from regions as diverse as Ireland's County Donegal, Russian Karelia, Ingria and Mexico; and a fine songwriter in her own right, she is blessed with a voice that can capture all the sweet tones of a classically trained vocalist while maintaining the relaxed feel of a great country or folksinger." –Twin Cities Revue

"Vocalist Diane Jarvi who sings haunting selections in both French and Finnish, recalls Edith Piaf, the beloved French chanteuse. Great Stuff." –Dirty Linen

"The star of the show is Jarvi's marvelously versatile voice, alternately soothing and scintillating, but always soulful." –St. Paul Pioneer Press

"I think that Diane Jarvi is making a place for herself as an interpreter of songs that range so widely that a category--if one is necessary--does not currently exist. Perhaps someday her style will be described as "cafe art song," or as "Finnish-American international people's singer," or as "indigenous-Minnesota-worldwide-tribal." I can only say that at this point in her career, I am glad that she puts her beautiful powers at the service of Finnish music." -Finnish American Reporter