Kantele Lessons / Workshops

Maybe you have a kantele sitting on a shelf, a mantel, stored in a case somewhere?

Or maybe you are a world music fan looking for a new instrument to try?

Kanteles have a soothing, haunting sound that is meditative and conjures up a shimmer of ancient bells.

5 string kanteles are very user-friendly. I have taught 4 year old to 84 year old students.

I'm offering lessons for beginning 5, 10 and 36 string kanteles.

Lessons usually run 45 minutes. Zoom lessons are an option as well.
There will be more info on workshops.

Contact me at [email protected] for more details.

For those in the Twin Cities area, there is an option for 5 string rentals.

Discover the unique and haunting sounds of this beautiful Finnish instrument!


Diane Jarvi has given workshops and demonstrations on the 5, 10 and 36 string-kantele (Finnish folk harp) in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota and Toronto. Diane works with audiences and students of all ages.

Contact Diane Jarvi for more information.