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This Ordinary Day by Diane Jarvi

This Ordinary Day

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These songs were recorded fall and winter of 2020-21 in my ordinary basement during a not so ordinary year. Just me and my guitar. Thinking on all the ordinary words, deeds, days, moons, fires, rivers and wings. Ordinary times with my daughter, –tunes, walks, photos, wishes.

There are women of resistance here from another time: Emily, Elinor, Helmi and Maybelle. History repeating, persistence, of the homesick, of the lost, the wild, the muse, the painter, the singer. All the ordinary hungers, the ordinary telling, the listening, the luck, ordinary goals to continue onward. Ordinary moments, shy moments. Equilibrium and resilience. And those wild winds of summer, brief songs of summer. All those ways to make them last.

This is just me, captured live. Complete with real life hesitations and buzzes. The ordinary sounds of a performer. My audience was a family of doves, goldfinches, cardinals, chipmunks and rabbits that I could view outside my basement window. I want to thank them for adding that Beatrix Potter tableaux.

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